Fairness – Positive Relationships

This week we will be examining positive and fair relationships between males and females. Research has shown that by modelling and developing empathy is pivotal in preventing discrimination and unfairness in relationships between males and females. People who understand what is right and what is wrong are more likely to treat others with respect and fairness.

The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch………
Princess Elizabeth is about to marry Prince Roland when a dragon kidnaps the prince and destroys her castle, burning all of her clothes. With nothing to wear but a paper bag, Elizabeth valiantly saves her prince – who is less than pleased at her un-princess-like appearance. But Elizabeth doesn’t care that she doesn’t fit the perfect picture of a princess.
THE MORAL OF THE STORY: True princesses are true to themselves.


Science experiment

We are learning about all things science this term and today we decided to do an experiment to see what happened when we mixed oil and water. The first experiment was a bit of a disaster because all of the food dye came out of the oil and sank down into the water. It ended black. WE did it a second time and decided not to put colour in with the oil which meant that the separation between the oil and water was more obvious.

WE wrote the experiment up in our Writer’s Notebooks. Looking forward to doing another experiment tomorrow!!


What’s your favourite experiment so far?

Science works!!!



image image image image

On Wednesday we all went to Scienceworks because our Inquiry topic this term is how changes in temperature effect solids, liquids and gases.

We were able to look at the different exhibitions such as Sportworks and Think Ahead. We went to the Planetarium and learnt about the seasons and the night sky (identifying the stars in the Southern Hemisphere).

The highlight for me was the presentation at the Science Stage. Gordon did a few different experiments using liquid nitrogen. When he mixed water with dishwashing liquid the bubbles became frozen. He explained that liquid nitrogen is extremely cold and when it comes into contact with the dishwashing liquid most of the nitrogen disappears, it changes its state, contracts and spreads around.

He put liquid nitrogen into a bottle, then put a balloon on top. The cold air inside mixed with the warm air and caused the balloon to blow up.

When solids (such as a metal ring) were placed in liquid nitrogen it contracted slightly and could fit through the ring but once the ring went back to its normal state, it could not fit through.

A squash ball and blutac nail, placed into liquid nitrogen became so hard and brittle, that they could be smashed by a mallet!

We learnt that when gases cool down, they contract, when they warm up, they expand.

It was fascinating!!

What was your favourite part of the day?

Sharing our writing

Today 3A visited one of the prep grades to share our recently published picture story books. We had been looking forward to doing this! The books were written with a younger audience in mind and we think that the preps really enjoyed listening to our stories and seeing the pictures that matched the words.

image image image image image image image image

What did you enjoy about sharing your Picture Story Book?

Australian Folklore Performance

Today we were lucky to have Gerrard Cafe from School Performance Tours come to our school. He told us stories about Australian history and folklore. He explained to us that these things have shaped our identity. Many students were able to go up onto the stage and participate. There was a didgeridoo, sheep shearing and lager phones to make up a bush band.

We learnt about Bush Rangers and some students got to put a tucker bag and billy on the swagman as quickly as they could!

Gerrard told us about Australian heroes including the Anzacs, lifesavers, firefighters, farmers and sportspeople. This complemented this weeks character strength focus on  courage. Heroes are people who have believed in themselves and had the courage to reach their goals often when faced with adversity. They are people who others look up to and admire.

Gerrard sang songs and read some poetry. He was really funny, we laughed a lot but we also learnt a lot!







What did you learn about Australian Folklore?

What did you like most about the performance?

Tune in to interesting words

Our reading focus this week is “tune in to interesting words” and use them in our reading and writing.

We read ” The Boy Who Loved Words” and wrote down interesting words as we came across them.

Here are just some of them……..
























Can you remember any more interesting words?

Information Reports

3A have been working hard to publish their information reports and I am sure that everyone will agree that the finished reports are impressive!




Information Reports consist of information or facts. Students researched their topics, took notes and then made sure that they used their own words (so that the writing sounded like their voice). They organised their information into paragraphs with headings and they wrote in the third person. Students revised and edited their writing and drew pictures on their finished report to enhance them. Everyone did a great job of using the 6+1 Traits of writing.

When you next write an information report, what topic do you think you will choose?

Ideas Trait

This week 3A have been learning about how to use the Ideas trait in their Writers Notebooks. Writers who use the Ideas trait well produce entries that are clear, focussed and interesting. We have talked about how important it is to focus on one small moment and choose topics that we know a lot about.

Today we went outside and wrote an entry about the things we could see, hear and feel.


What are some of your ideas?

Looking forward to 2016!

Last week we found out our new classes for 2016. We got to spend time together as a class which I really enjoyed! It was nice to meet some new and familiar faces and welcome everyone into the classroom.

Some of the things that the students are looking forward to include…..our bright “garden facing” classroom, learning new stuff, camp, excursions, Inquiry, continuing with Writers and Readers Workshops, having a new teacher, doing really fun activities and much, much more!

Here are some photos of us in the classroom and exploring the outside area.

image image image

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all next year. What are you looking forward to the most?

Mindfulness Sparkle Jars

Today we made Glitter Jars in class – Lily’s mum told us about this activity after she did a Positive Education Course. Thank you Penny!

The idea is that sometimes our thoughts, stresses or worries can “cloud” our perspective and we can’t see through the cloud (just like the glitter when the bottle is shaken).

But when we wait a few seconds, we watch the glitter settle. We take time, feel our breathing and rest. things seem clearer, just like our glitter jars.


Have you used your sparkle jar yet? 

Did it help you to feel settled?