Teamwork means being a great team mate, doing your share and getting people to work well together. 

People with teamwork as their top strength excel as a member of a group. They are loyal and dedicated teammates, they always do their part, they work hard for the success of their group.

The key concepts of teamwork involve:

  • Citizenship: responsibility toward one’s community
  • Loyalty: unwavering trust for a group
  • Patriotism: loyalty toward one’s homeland/nation without hostility toward other nations.

Teamwork is also closely related to the sense of belonging.


When have you used teamwork?


Team work means that you are a great team mate. You do your share and get people to work well together.

This YouTube clip shows groups of animals banding together and looking after each other.


In each of our classrooms at Barwon Heads PS, we cooperate with each other and work together. When we go outside to play on the oval, whether it be cricket, football or soccer, teamwork is involved. Teamwork occurs at home when you do things to help others, especially your parents.

Can you think of any other examples of times when you have used the Character Strength of teamwork?

Can you think of any books that involve teamwork?

BHPS Olympic Opening Ceremony

WOW! What an amazing morning we had celebrating the opening of the Olympic Games! 3A dressed in the French colors of red, white and blue. Each class (country) got to parade around the arena just like the athletes in the Olympic Games. We had drum players, doves (pigeons) released into the sky and even a cherry picker with the symbol of Rio on it. The Olympic Flame arrived on a motorbike (Mrs Booth and Steve) and a person from each grade level got to run around the arena with it. Mr Roskosch came back and was our master of ceremonies. We enjoyed having lots of parents join in too!





What was your favourite part of our opening ceremony?


This week our Character Strength focus is on Teamwork!

Today the students of 3A identified some of the aspects of good teamwork.

Each team was given a bag with some straws, a paper bag, a roll of tape and 2 paper cups. They were asked to work together to create the tallest free standing tower that they could.

The team that won was the team that sat and talked about their model. They were the slowest to begin but worked together really well to make the ONLY tower that could stand on its own!

image image image

After finishing the challenge we added to our posters some more aspects of what makes a good team and these were planning and working together, sharing jobs and respecting the views of others.



Can you name some more things that make good teamwork?

Sports Day at Landy Field

On Tuesday all of the Grade 3-6 students from BHPS spent the day at Landy Field participating in our school’s house sports. It was the first time for the Grade 3’s, and everyone was excited and looking forward to the day.

I managed the hurdles and was so impressed by the way the students participated with such enthusiasm. It was a pleasure to be there helping and it was lovely to see so many parents too.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image What was your favourite event?

Welcoming parents to our classroom

image image imageOn Friday we welcomed many of our parents and grandparents into our classroom. It was great to share some of our learning. The students performed poems that they had learnt during the week. We shared our Barwon Heads history projects with our families, played maths games and estimated blocks in a jar. It was great to have so many parents write on our blog! Thank you so much for visiting our classroom!

image image image image