This week the reading strategy that we have been focussing on has been summarising. We have been looking at non fiction texts and learning how to take notes to record the main ideas in texts. WE looked at topic sentences and key words and different ways of taking notes.



We watched an interesting film on the Murray river and learnt about how important this river is for many different reasons.

Some of us took notes on our new whiteboard table.

Australian Folklore Performance

Today we were lucky to have Gerrard Cafe from School Performance Tours come to our school. He told us stories about Australian history and folklore. He explained to us that these things have shaped our identity. Many students were able to go up onto the stage and participate. There was a didgeridoo, sheep shearing and lager phones to make up a bush band.

We learnt about Bush Rangers and some students got to put a tucker bag and billy on the swagman as quickly as they could!

Gerrard told us about Australian heroes including the Anzacs, lifesavers, firefighters, farmers and sportspeople. This complemented this weeks character strength focus on  courage. Heroes are people who have believed in themselves and had the courage to reach their goals often when faced with adversity. They are people who others look up to and admire.

Gerrard sang songs and read some poetry. He was really funny, we laughed a lot but we also learnt a lot!







What did you learn about Australian Folklore?

What did you like most about the performance?

Tune in to interesting words

Our reading focus this week is “tune in to interesting words” and use them in our reading and writing.

We read ” The Boy Who Loved Words” and wrote down interesting words as we came across them.

Here are just some of them……..
























Can you remember any more interesting words?

Reading Fluently

This week our Learning Focus for Reading is Fluency.

One of the strategies that we use to read fluently is to re-read text to make sure that it sounds smooth and we understand what are reading.

We enjoyed hearing Banjo Patterson’s poem “Mulga Bill’s Bicycle” being read fluently and with expression.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.03.20 PM

In Guided Reading we read the poem “Hatching” by Lachlan Campain.

Have a listen to this poem being read by some of our class members!



Which poem have you enjoyed reading fluently?

Looking forward to 2016!

Last week we found out our new classes for 2016. We got to spend time together as a class which I really enjoyed! It was nice to meet some new and familiar faces and welcome everyone into the classroom.

Some of the things that the students are looking forward to include…..our bright “garden facing” classroom, learning new stuff, camp, excursions, Inquiry, continuing with Writers and Readers Workshops, having a new teacher, doing really fun activities and much, much more!

Here are some photos of us in the classroom and exploring the outside area.

image image image

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all next year. What are you looking forward to the most?

Reader’s Workshop

I have not posted many entries about Reading lately, so thought I would show what a typical morning in 3A looks like.

This week our Learning Focus is to recognise character’s traits in Author’s writing. 

In our class we have four groups who are grouped according to the goal that they re working on. We then focus on that goal during Guided and Independent Reading sessions. During the week each group rotates through activities based on our Learning Focus.

This morning we had one group doing Reader’s Theatre (the play they chose was Rapunzal)


Here they are rehearsing outside. We thought and talked about the traits of the main characters and really enjoyed it when Rapunzal was performed to our class.


This group were reading passages and identifying the traits that the characters displayed.


This group were doing activities with their spelling words. Some of the activities included using 7 words and writing a short story, making a comic strip with their words, words in alphabetical order, breaking up their words etc.

IMG_1478 IMG_1479

This group were doing Guided Reading. We looked at a procedural text and focussed on monitoring and re-reading (if words don’t look or sound right or don’t make sense).

When students finish their activity they do Independent Reading, focussing on our Learning Goal.

Which reading activity do you enjoy most?


Our Learning Focus in Reading this week is synthesising. When we synthesise, we combine what we already know with what we are reading to gain new understandings or ideas.

We read “Two Bad Ants” written by Chris Van Allsburg

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.24.27 AM

You can watch it on Youtube …..

The new idea/theme/message that 3A got from this book are “Being greedy can get you into trouble,”

“If you stick together things will be OK,” and “Being part of a team can be rewarding.”

Can you come up with any other messages from Two Bad Ants?


This week in Writer’s Workshop we are learning about the features of a picture story book

Below is a table that we developed which shows what 3A consider to be the ……..



TITLE Memorable, catchy, match tone of story
THEME (Message) emotions, difference, friendship, feelings, YCDI keys
CHARACTER/S Personality, mood,
NARRATIVE STRUCTURE (Problem/complication) A problem/complication that needs to be solved
BOLD BEGINNING Hooks the reader
SETTING Set the mood and help reader become involved with story
VOICE/AUDIENCE Story appeals to the audience. Author’s personality shines through. Believable and related to author’s experience.
WORD PLAY(good to read aloud) Rhythm, rhyme, repetition, voice, flow, sensory words, alliteration, vocabulary, adjectives, verbs, similes, onomatopoeia,
ILLUSTRATIONS Create drama and excitement, support the text, reveal what is not said (gives reader opportunity to make inferences), create a “big reveal” moment
EXCELLENT ENDING Ties up the story.



Today we read



It made us laugh! Fearless is timid and polite but people who didn’t know him thought he was scary.

We wrote on the features of this picture story book on our whiteboard.


 What did you like the most about Fearless?

Can you describe Fearless’s character traits?