Coastal Forest Lodge!

On Monday the Grade 3s headed of to Anglesea for camp! After a stop and play at Torquay we arrived at Coastal Forest Lodge. We spent three days there. We did heaps of different activities and we focussed on our You Can Do It Keys to success. Everyone achieved success and we all had a wonderful, memorable camp! Here are some photos.









What did you discover on the Eagle’s Nest hike?

What makes a good information report?

When exploring information reports we decided that the following elements were really important:Planning (using a graphic organiser)


Introduction (general statement/classification/description of what report is about)

Paragraphs to organize information (3 or more sentences per paragraph)

Topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph

Sentence Fluency (long and short sentences)

Conjunctions (to make some sentences longer)


Technical words

Summary ( to tie all of the information together)

Revision using ARMS – Add, Remove, Move, Substitute

Editing using CUPS – Capitals, Understanding, Punctuation, Spelling

An annotated information report about Day and Night



You will notice that the students of 3A did a great job of using the important elements listed above in their Information Reports.

What do you think is the most important element of an information report?

Day and Night

Yesterday we used spheres to model the Sun, Earth and Moon.

The Sun is the largest object in the solar system. It is gigantic compared with the Earth, which is larger than the moon.

We used our spheres to show how the Earth spins on its axis (once every 24 hours causing day and night) and orbits around the sun (taking a year to do so). When the Earth is not facing the sun it is night.

There are some great websites such as ABC splash and NASA which show the process clearly too.

IMG_0180 IMG_0183

What have you learnt about Day and Night?

Night and Day

This term we have a new inquiry topic!

We will be studying the relationships between the sun, earth, moon to help us understand how we experience day and night on earth. This knowledge will also help us to understand directions including North, south, east, west and how time can be determined using a sun dial.

This week we were all interested to learn about the New Horizons Spacecraft. This spacecraft is the size of a golf buggy and left Earth 9 years ago to reach parts of space so far away that they have not yet been explored. The spacecraft went near Pluto this week and beamed images back to Earth.

This is a link to an ABC news report about Pluto.



pluto Pluto

What are you wondering about Night and Day and/or Space?