Cooking from our garden

Outside our classrooms we are lucky to have thriving vege gardens. Mr Haslam and Mr Burdess tend to these gardens and at this time of the year they are blooming with kale, broad beans, lettuce, silver beet, parsley and much more.

We picked kale and silver beet. After washing germs, Sunny’s mum came and set up the staff roo. For us all to cook! We rolled, chopped, broke eggs, mixed and whisked. Our frittatas were put into the oven. At lunch time, Sunny’s mum delivered the frittata to us in the classroom. The verdict?


image image



What do you enjoy cooking and/or growing?

Australian Folklore Performance

Today we were lucky to have Gerrard Cafe from School Performance Tours come to our school. He told us stories about Australian history and folklore. He explained to us that these things have shaped our identity. Many students were able to go up onto the stage and participate. There was a didgeridoo, sheep shearing and lager phones to make up a bush band.

We learnt about Bush Rangers and some students got to put a tucker bag and billy on the swagman as quickly as they could!

Gerrard told us about Australian heroes including the Anzacs, lifesavers, firefighters, farmers and sportspeople. This complemented this weeks character strength focus on  courage. Heroes are people who have believed in themselves and had the courage to reach their goals often when faced with adversity. They are people who others look up to and admire.

Gerrard sang songs and read some poetry. He was really funny, we laughed a lot but we also learnt a lot!







What did you learn about Australian Folklore?

What did you like most about the performance?

Tune in to interesting words

Our reading focus this week is “tune in to interesting words” and use them in our reading and writing.

We read ” The Boy Who Loved Words” and wrote down interesting words as we came across them.

Here are just some of them……..
























Can you remember any more interesting words?

Persistence and Growth Mindset

This week we have been learning about Persistence, one of the 24 Character Strengths.

Persistence means working hard to finish what you start and not giving up.

We had fun learning how to juggle. Juggling is an activity that requires persistence and we are going to practise our juggling until we see some improvement.


Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 4.11.34 PM

We read “The Most Magnificent Thing,” a book about a girl who shows determination and persistence to reach an outcome.

Persistence is closely linked to “Growth Mindset”.

We’ve enjoyed watching the “Growth Mindset” series on Class Dojo. These short videos were put together by Carol Dweck, the lady who developed the idea of “Growth Mindsets” to help children to learn.

People with a growth mindset understand that through effort and persistence you can change and grow your brain to achieve success. The more you try, the brainier you will become because the brain has the ability to grow and change. It is good to make mistakes because mistakes enable us to improve and learn. Instead of saying “I can’t do it”, people with a growth mindset say, “I can’t do it yet.” The final film is about “The Dip” which is like a hole that you can fall into when you first try something new. Although it might be frustrating, people with a growth mindset  are determined and eventually climb out of the dip. They end up proud of their effort.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.36.36 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.37.05 PM

Can you think of a time when you had a growth mindset?

Information Reports

3A have been working hard to publish their information reports and I am sure that everyone will agree that the finished reports are impressive!




Information Reports consist of information or facts. Students researched their topics, took notes and then made sure that they used their own words (so that the writing sounded like their voice). They organised their information into paragraphs with headings and they wrote in the third person. Students revised and edited their writing and drew pictures on their finished report to enhance them. Everyone did a great job of using the 6+1 Traits of writing.

When you next write an information report, what topic do you think you will choose?

BHPS Olympic Opening Ceremony

WOW! What an amazing morning we had celebrating the opening of the Olympic Games! 3A dressed in the French colors of red, white and blue. Each class (country) got to parade around the arena just like the athletes in the Olympic Games. We had drum players, doves (pigeons) released into the sky and even a cherry picker with the symbol of Rio on it. The Olympic Flame arrived on a motorbike (Mrs Booth and Steve) and a person from each grade level got to run around the arena with it. Mr Roskosch came back and was our master of ceremonies. We enjoyed having lots of parents join in too!





What was your favourite part of our opening ceremony?


This week our Character Strength focus is on Teamwork!

Today the students of 3A identified some of the aspects of good teamwork.

Each team was given a bag with some straws, a paper bag, a roll of tape and 2 paper cups. They were asked to work together to create the tallest free standing tower that they could.

The team that won was the team that sat and talked about their model. They were the slowest to begin but worked together really well to make the ONLY tower that could stand on its own!

image image image

After finishing the challenge we added to our posters some more aspects of what makes a good team and these were planning and working together, sharing jobs and respecting the views of others.



Can you name some more things that make good teamwork?


Each week at BHPS we focus on a Character Strength.

This week’s Character Strength was “Friendship.”

Students in 3A identified friendship as being kind to others, sharing, being loyal, being friendly, caring, playing with new friends, including others and many more.

We made “What makes me a good friend” hands on which we came up with 5 reasons why we are good friends to others.



What makes you a good friend?

Sports Day at Landy Field

On Tuesday all of the Grade 3-6 students from BHPS spent the day at Landy Field participating in our school’s house sports. It was the first time for the Grade 3’s, and everyone was excited and looking forward to the day.

I managed the hurdles and was so impressed by the way the students participated with such enthusiasm. It was a pleasure to be there helping and it was lovely to see so many parents too.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image What was your favourite event?