At Barwon Heads PS we value Mindfulness, so much so that one of the major components of our Pos Ed model is Mindfulness. Today we spoke to our staff about the benefits of mindfulness. We began with a short meditation. We then shared the results of an analysis of  15 studies which measured the impact of meditation in schools.  (Waters et al 2015).

Students who are taught meditation at school reported higher optimism, more positive emotions, stronger self-identity, greater self-acceptance and take better care of their health as well as experiencing reduced anxiety, stress and depression. This is compared to before the meditation programs and compared to peers who were not taught meditation.

The review also showed that meditation helps the social life of students by leading to increases in pro-social behaviour (like helping others) and decreases in anti-social behaviour (like anger and disobedience).

Finally, meditation was found to improve a host of academic and learning skills in students. These included faster information processing, greater focus, more effective working memory, more creativity and cognitive flexibility.


This short film shows how practicing Mindfulness impacts on the brain.

We use websites and apps such as Class Dojo, Go Noodle and Smiling Minds in the classroom and personally, we use Buddify, Insight Timer and Headspace to name a few. YouTube also has a multitude of meditations.


Do you practice mindfulness and if so, how?

Mindfulness Sparkle Jars

Today we made Glitter Jars in class – Lily’s mum told us about this activity after she did a Positive Education Course. Thank you Penny!

The idea is that sometimes our thoughts, stresses or worries can “cloud” our perspective and we can’t see through the cloud (just like the glitter when the bottle is shaken).

But when we wait a few seconds, we watch the glitter settle. We take time, feel our breathing and rest. things seem clearer, just like our glitter jars.


Have you used your sparkle jar yet? 

Did it help you to feel settled?