Sea science night

On Tuesday night our friends from Barwon Coast came and taught us all about our local environment.

Brooke taught us all about the estuary and the plants and creatures that live there. We played a blindfold game where we had to identify some of the things that live in the estuary.

image image

We then went into th art room where Mark taught us all about some of the plants that live in the sea and river near Barwon Heads. We learnt about different types of algae (sea weeds), Kelp forests, Sea dragons and mangroves. We saw an underwater movie taken around the bluff!



Finally we went to Mrs Jordan’s room where John Duthie taught us how to play Barwon bluff bingo! It was really fun! Some of the questions included ” it has a hard outer shell”

“Has only one opening that it uses for food and waste”

image image


What did you learn?


Today we began thinking about the things in life that we are grateful for……..

Mrs Kebbell is grateful for her beautiful class!

Mikka is grateful for her body,

Mackenzie is grateful for her family,

Zali is grateful for the roof above her head,

Miller is grateful for his friends,

Ned is grateful for swimming,

Chloe is grateful for her family,

Stella is grateful to have a school to go to!


What are you grateful for?

You Can Do It!

Our year has got off to a fabulous start. Everyone in 3A understands and is able to use all of the Keys To Success. These are Organisation, Getting Along, Confidence, Persistence and Resilience.

Today we learnt about Persistence and the importance of having a growth mindset. We came up with some positive ways of thinking. For example instead of thinking or saying “I can’t do this!” say “This is hard but I am going to try my best.”

We also talked about setting goals that we can work towards achieving.

These photos are of 3A interviewing a partner to find out how they are the same and how they are different. The student’s used Venn Diagrams to show their results.

IMG_2411    IMG_2410IMG_2412 IMG_2413

How are you and your partner different?

Maths Game

Yesterday Maddy and Eva from 4A came to our classroom to share a maths game that they had developed for a maths project.

They did a fantastic job of explaining the game including a Learning Focus and Success Criteria.IMG_1781 IMG_1782

Eva and Maddy brought all of the materials needed apart from the 10 sided dice.

The game involved throwing two die, multiplying them and placing a small cube on the answer – laminated sheet (if it was there!)

3A thought that the game was well thought out and that the girls explained the rules with confidence. They were also very helpful.







Last night was the Grade 3-6 performing arts event at BHPS.

We had an awesome night and I have to say that I thought 3A were AMAZING!

3A danced to Bear Necessities and Hot, Hot, Hot!

The music was great and the performers even better. Congratulations to all of the students and thank you to all of the teachers, especially Miss Curtain for all of her preparation.

What did you like most about our concert?


Butterfly Habitat

Last week, Maddy from Barwon Coast came to talk to us about butterflies, caterpillars and how important they are for our environment.

We learnt……

That you can tell what kind of butterfly a caterpillar is going to turn into by its colours.

That caterpillars come out of a chrysalis.

If you touch their wings their scales come off and they can’t fly.

Some butterflies only live for 2 weeks, some for 6 months.

They need to have something to hang off to make their chrysalis.

They are attracted to bright colors.

Butterflies are cold blooded.

Today we met Maddy at our butterfly habitat and planned where to plant some indigenous plants that the butterflies like. The plants are kangaroo grass, wallaby grass, tall blue bells, pale swamp everlasting daisy, wattle mat rush and drumsticks.

IMG_0913 IMG_0910 IMG_0909 IMG_0907 IMG_0906 IMG_0905

What did you learn about butterfly habitats?