Sea science night

On Tuesday night our friends from Barwon Coast came and taught us all about our local environment.

Brooke taught us all about the estuary and the plants and creatures that live there. We played a blindfold game where we had to identify some of the things that live in the estuary.

image image

We then went into th art room where Mark taught us all about some of the plants that live in the sea and river near Barwon Heads. We learnt about different types of algae (sea weeds), Kelp forests, Sea dragons and mangroves. We saw an underwater movie taken around the bluff!



Finally we went to Mrs Jordan’s room where John Duthie taught us how to play Barwon bluff bingo! It was really fun! Some of the questions included ” it has a hard outer shell”

“Has only one opening that it uses for food and waste”

image image


What did you learn?

Science Night

Tonight the “Friends of the Bluff” and Barwon Coast” organised a special Science night for the Grade 3s.Our parents came and we did three different activities.

For the first activity we looked at different types of seaweed and learnt about seaweed. One group found 10 different types!

image image image

We then went into Miss Ps classroom and learnt all about the food that sea creatures need to stay alive. Did you know that a shark needs 4 fish or 1 bird or seal to survive? A crab needs 20 pieces of seaweed, a fish needs 1 crab or 40 pieces of seaweed. We played a really fun game where we were a sea creature who had to find food. It was fun!! At the end the meaning of “adaptation” was explained to us.

imageimage image

Finally we got to play Bingo! We had to match the statement with the photo. “I can fly” was the first clue and John explained that there are S O many different types of birds around the bluff/Barwon Heafs. The red necked stints fly all the way to Russia to breed! John explained that they fly 3000kms each day without stopping! That’s from Barwon Heads to Queensland in one go!

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These two websites are dedicated to our local environment.

Thank you Mr Harris and Mr Burdess for organising such as fantastic, interesting, fun evening!

What did you learn at Science night?

What did you like best about Science night?