Sharing our writing

Today 3A visited one of the prep grades to share our recently published picture story books. We had been looking forward to doing this! The books were written with a younger audience in mind and we think that the preps really enjoyed listening to our stories and seeing the pictures that matched the words.

image image image image image image image image

What did you enjoy about sharing your Picture Story Book?

Tune in to interesting words

Our reading focus this week is “tune in to interesting words” and use them in our reading and writing.

We read ” The Boy Who Loved Words” and wrote down interesting words as we came across them.

Here are just some of them……..
























Can you remember any more interesting words?

Information Reports

3A have been working hard to publish their information reports and I am sure that everyone will agree that the finished reports are impressive!




Information Reports consist of information or facts. Students researched their topics, took notes and then made sure that they used their own words (so that the writing sounded like their voice). They organised their information into paragraphs with headings and they wrote in the third person. Students revised and edited their writing and drew pictures on their finished report to enhance them. Everyone did a great job of using the 6+1 Traits of writing.

When you next write an information report, what topic do you think you will choose?

Ideas Trait

This week 3A have been learning about how to use the Ideas trait in their Writers Notebooks. Writers who use the Ideas trait well produce entries that are clear, focussed and interesting. We have talked about how important it is to focus on one small moment and choose topics that we know a lot about.

Today we went outside and wrote an entry about the things we could see, hear and feel.


What are some of your ideas?

Procedural Writing – How to make Slime

We are learning how to write procedural texts in writing this week.

Yesterday, with 3B, we made slime. First we made predictions (hypothesis) as to what would happen when we added water to cornflour. Some predicted that that it would become sticky or runny and they were right!

Here is our slime making procedural text.

Making Slime

You will need:



Food colouring





1.Put 1 cup of cornflour into the bowl

2. Add about a cup of water but you may need to add more.

3. Stir it around until really thick

4. Put 5 drops of food colouring in the bowl

5. Stir some more

Enjoy playing with your slime!


IMG_1395 IMG_1396 IMG_1397 IMG_1398 IMG_1399 IMG_1400


Thanks Miss Petz for organising this experiment for us!

What procedural texts do you enjoy following?


This week in Writer’s Workshop we are learning about the features of a picture story book

Below is a table that we developed which shows what 3A consider to be the ……..



TITLE Memorable, catchy, match tone of story
THEME (Message) emotions, difference, friendship, feelings, YCDI keys
CHARACTER/S Personality, mood,
NARRATIVE STRUCTURE (Problem/complication) A problem/complication that needs to be solved
BOLD BEGINNING Hooks the reader
SETTING Set the mood and help reader become involved with story
VOICE/AUDIENCE Story appeals to the audience. Author’s personality shines through. Believable and related to author’s experience.
WORD PLAY(good to read aloud) Rhythm, rhyme, repetition, voice, flow, sensory words, alliteration, vocabulary, adjectives, verbs, similes, onomatopoeia,
ILLUSTRATIONS Create drama and excitement, support the text, reveal what is not said (gives reader opportunity to make inferences), create a “big reveal” moment
EXCELLENT ENDING Ties up the story.



Today we read



It made us laugh! Fearless is timid and polite but people who didn’t know him thought he was scary.

We wrote on the features of this picture story book on our whiteboard.


 What did you like the most about Fearless?

Can you describe Fearless’s character traits?


What makes a good information report?

When exploring information reports we decided that the following elements were really important:Planning (using a graphic organiser)


Introduction (general statement/classification/description of what report is about)

Paragraphs to organize information (3 or more sentences per paragraph)

Topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph

Sentence Fluency (long and short sentences)

Conjunctions (to make some sentences longer)


Technical words

Summary ( to tie all of the information together)

Revision using ARMS – Add, Remove, Move, Substitute

Editing using CUPS – Capitals, Understanding, Punctuation, Spelling

An annotated information report about Day and Night



You will notice that the students of 3A did a great job of using the important elements listed above in their Information Reports.

What do you think is the most important element of an information report?

Indonesian Day

Information Reports using paragraphs! 

This week 3A have been practising using paragraphs to organise their texts when writing Information Reports. The following Report was written by 3A who worked in teams to write a paragraph each. 


Indonesian Day was celebrated today at Barwon Heads Primary School. All students rotated around to different Indonesian activities.

Bu Wall’s Mum made delicious noodles. We were very lucky to get them for free. We could not get seconds until lunchtime. We all loved the noodles and we did a word search while eating them. We think people loved this activity the most.

We had a wonderful time learning about puppets. The puppets had amazing features and great colors. We learnt which ones had good and which had bad characters.

We tasted some Indonesian fruits. After we tasted all the fruits we ordered them from favorite to least favorite. Most of us didn’t like the durian, it smelt awful! But some people loved it.

A lady called Maria came to teach us how to do Indonesian dancing. She was wearing a beautiful peacock consume with lots of glitter and gems. She played Indonesian music while we copied her dance. She was a great teacher, we had fun.

One of the activities was going outside to do sport. We got to play soccer and we also had a race. We also played prison break and had a wonderful time.

Miss Campbell and Miss Peterson taught us how to make kites and it was fun. We got split into the art room and our room. Then the teacher told us how to do it. There was lots of folding and stapling. The kites were butterflies.

We are all appreciative of the hard work that Bu Wall put in to making this day a success and would like to thank her very much. We all had a great day and learnt lots about Indonesia.

IMG_0190IMG_0193 IMG_0192IMG_0191  IMG_0197 IMG_0201 IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205 IMG_0206What did you enjoy the most about Indonesian day?