Chloe Dillon, one of our School Captains from 2016 wrote…….

Last year, I was honoured in being a school captain at Barwon Heads Primary, and this great responsibility came with the privilege of helping to introduce the Positive Education model. 

This new way of learning included many different aspects of positive thinking, learning and developing. As I progressed into high school, I realised how much of an impact this education had on me. For me, the character strengths, mindfulness and resilience project really helped me to excel academically. 

When I was first introduced to Pos Ed, I thought that it was just a new program that we were learning about. Since then, I understand that this is not just another program but a new way of learning. It expanded how I think about many different things in general. 

When the school first learnt about the character strengths, my peers and I were intrigued to learn about them. At assembly each Friday, I throughly enjoyed explaining these new strengths to the whole school and helping students to learn what strengths they portrayed. In class, when we had the chance to learn what strengths were our strongest, I believe this helped encourage students to demonstrate their strengths and to develop some others. 

Now in high school, having this positive education has broadened my mindset. I think it truly set me up for this next chapter because I am more confident in myself in many ways. It helped me progress as a learner and gave me an education that many people miss out on. 

I feel honoured to have been a student to an amazing school and sometimes still wish I was there! 

By Chloe Dillon


Congratulations to ex BHPS student, Scarlett Moroney and Ella Johns who won the “Upstart” competition 2017 for their Positive mindset App (to combat teen mental health issues).

Email from a parent

I have just been thinking about H’s “character strength” poster. I assume that you helped him choose the word “Modesty”,  and I think it’s perfect. The poor thing is so used to being labelled “quiet” and “shy”. (It was the same for me at school, and I really resented it.)

I think the posters were a really positive exercise, though it would have been nice to see him list some character traits in strengths and weaknesses rather than just sports! Boys…

Feedback from a member of staff

Thank you so much for introducing us to the character strengths. It’s nice to feel that the wellbeing of staff is being taken into consideration. It makes me feel valued.

Feedback from Grade 3 student

Semester Reflection: I have enjoyed learning about character strengths. I am good at footy, soccer and running. My goal is to improve my spelling. My character strengths are creativity, teamwork, fairness and forgiveness.

Verbal Feedback from a parent

I love that the school is focusing on character strengths and on what is good and positive about the kids. My boys are more confident now that they can identify their strengths.

Blog comment

Dear 3A,

In my class which is 3/4c we have also been learning about the 24 character strengths lately and I think it is truly vey interesting that lots of people have many different strengths. If you know me you’ll probably know that I can be lots of the different 24 character strengths in just one day but I’ll tell you my true character strength in a second. I know that my true and will always be character strength is creativity because I go to art school once a week for two and a half hours and get to do many things and learn different skills but I also know I am very creative. Hope your all enjoying learning about the 24 character strengths and hope to get back onto your blog soon and do some more comments onto your amazing blog. From C

Verbal Feedback from a parent

……. Is having the time of his life at school. He has never been happier and I think it is thanks to having you as his teacher and these (she said pointing to the character strengths)

Staff Survey Monkey Results

Ot the 19 staff who completed the survey (December 2017):

68% gave 5/5 for usefulness of Pos Ed materials emailed each week

69% gave 4/5 for usefulness of 5 minute presentations at staff meetings

46% gave 5/5 for benefiting from teaching Pos Ed on a personal level

Comments by BHPS (Staff Survey 2017)

I love the character strengths. Having the consistent whole school language is fantastic and the students have responded extremely well. Really appreciate Lisa’s knowledge, passion and dedication in leading the Pos Ed program at BHPS. 🙂

I love Pos Ed at BHPS. It is an excellent way to promote life long ‘wellness’. Next year, I’d like to highlight some more of the lesser known character strengths like creativity, curiosity etc. I also look forward to using PERMA for starting right. Thanks Lisa!

Brilliant program which really enhances teaching and learning and relationships. I think we could all continue to enhance our professional knowledge of ‘positive psychology’ and ‘positive education’.

Very well run program. Students are really beginning to use the language in day to day situations. Keep up the great work!

Fantastic Program. Love it!

It is a fantastic positive program that brings the whole school together in understanding how to support and interact with each other. It creates a collective language. Very powerful.

The weekly emails make teaching Pos Ed very easy, the activity ideas and books are always fantastic. My students really love having discussions about the character strengths each week.


Fundraising to help others

Very proud of these two BHPS boys, Khy & Miller, who are biking across the Bellarine to raise funds for brain cancer. Khy’s mum, Amy, said; “Their school embeds a huge emphasis on positive education and their teacher, Luke Weisbowski, has really helped instill values of kindness, gratitude and resilience”.