Mrs Lisa Kebbell

I love being a teacher at Barwon Heads PS!

This is my eighth year of teaching at Barwon Heads and my eleventh year of teaching.

I grew up in country Victoria, went to school in Geelong and University in Melbourne.

I studied a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Music. Later I studied Museum Studies and worked at the Museum of Victoria and the Queensland Museum.

I also had my own catering business – I still love cooking!

My signature character strength is Love of Learning and I have gone back to university to learn about Positive Psychology and how to apply it to teaching, our school and my own life.

My hobbies are walking my dogs with friends along the beach, reading and practicing yoga. I live in Barwon Heads, we have four children who all attended Barwon Heads PS.


Lisa Kebbell

97 thoughts on “Mrs Lisa Kebbell

    • Hi Violet,
      What is your favorite recipe? I have a great brownie recipe which is in the Barwon Heads PS Cookbook. I am going to make them tomorrow night for my children. They love them!
      from Mrs Kebbell

  1. Mrs Kebbell,
    about baking, as everyone had said, I LOVE baking as well!
    and my favourite thing to bake is pikelets.

  2. Hi, yesterday I felt embarrassed.If you were wondering why, I was getting
    ready to go on YouTube.I’m going on YouTube because I invented a new paper plane!Today it’s going on YouTube, all you haveto do is write:how to make a paper plane or something like that.

  3. Mrs kebbell, on Saturday when it was nearly time for my mum’s party
    Me and my brother made honey joys,do you like them?

  4. It was a normal day (not).I was.. ummmmm what was I doing?Iknow!, errrr I forgot…wait I remember I was playing on the playground.I found a sheet of newspaper, I looked on both sides.I found a recipe on it.I took it home.Then I saw it was a desert recipe. We cooked it for desert.

  5. Hi miss Kebbel and class,
    I love having miss Kebbel as my teacher for swimming program.
    Even though it’s for 2 weeks.
    You guys are so lucky to have her as an all year teacher

  6. YOU ARE THE BEST TEACHER IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love cooking to.My favourite recipe is apple pie and spaghetti.
    whats yours???

    • I will tell you what mine is scrambled eggs I cook them. I think we are the luckiest grade 3s to get you as our teacher.

  7. Dear mrs Kebbel ,
    You are really nice to me and the class.I want you nexts year and I like cooking too.
    From Gracie

  8. Dear mrs kebbel I have to be on Billy’s side for that because your a very very very good teacher.
    From your helpful student Izzy✌️

  9. Dear Mis kebbel,

    I have liked the year so far.And I like having you asa techer.
    My favourite subject is doing maths.
    What subject do you like doing?

    From Johanna

  10. Dear 3A,
    Your all right we must have Mrs Kebbell next year get your fingers ready to cross to save your life
    with MRS KEBBELL. Or and i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE cooking to.

    From Jasmine

  11. Dear Mrs Kebbell,

    How is the holiday going? Or how was the holiday if you back?
    I hope it lovely. Bawon Heads has been good just a bit of rain and
    Lots of FUN! Good bye

    From Jasmine

  12. You are the best teacher in the whole universe, Mrs Kebbell! Because you told me that
    you were going to be a grade 3 teacher next year, I really hope that you will be my teacher!

  13. Hi Mrs Kebbell, I’m so excited to have you as my teacher in 2016. Have a great break.I really wanted you to be my teacher next year. From Flynn.

  14. Mrs. Kebbell I know I have wrote a message about my fav food to make is pikelets , but it is actually muffins and cookies but that was when I was in grade 1.

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