Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a tool that we use in 3A to monitor and reward good behaviors. Each student has a profile-complete with their own avatar-to which Mrs Kebbell can assign positive (and negative) points or dojos throughout each lesson. The information is recorded on the students’ profiles so that it can be reviewed throughout the year. Parents also have logins so they can view their child’s achievements from home.

The behaviours that Mrs Kebbell looks for include working hard, working quietly, helping others, getting along, being organised and showing a growth mindset. Other behaviours that the students in 3A are rewarded for are great presentation, helping others, being on task and working well within a team.

Class Dojo is a really fun, positive way of recognising and rewarding  students  for their beautiful behaviour.


What do you like about Class Dojo?

23 thoughts on “Class Dojo

  1. hi mrs Kebbel
    This is ginger from 3b and I really like your blog i liked how you explain about class dojos

    from ginger

  2. I like class dojo even though every time we do it I come second last it might change this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not class pets)

  3. Dear mrs kebble,

    When I lived in England my class had dojos but we didn’t get a hundred or anything. This is how it went the person whom had the most dojos a week would win a prize at the end it was awesome, you would get tow cars colouring pads and cool school stuff.

    By Bruno

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