Known as “Zest” within the VIA classification of character strengths, enthusiasm is an approach to life which is also known as vitality. People who are enthusiastic do everything with excitement and energy.

Exhibiting enthusiasm could involve:

-Actively participating by asking questions or listening closely

-Showing enthusiasm through smiles or excited comments

-Invigorating others around you

-Exercise is a great way to use the strength of zest.

“Olivia” is an example of someone who has zest for life!

Matt. also has a zest for life as he dances his way around the world!




At Barwon Heads PS, we promote respectful relationships. We believe that it is important to embrace diversity and have empathy for others. For our upcoming Pos Ed Day our student PosEd leaders have come me up with the slogan; “Not everyone wants to be what you want to be.” These students identified the importance of respect, courage, self-belief and hope as the main ingredients for respectful relationships. They also encouraged others not to be scared in being who they want to be AND in sticking up for others who may be different to the norm. Research has shown that learning about and having respectful relationships modelled leads to healthier relationships at home and at school. It also enables our children to be resilient and confident.

Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

People who have the character strength “appreciation of beauty and excellence”  notice and enjoy the beauty, skill and excellence involved in things around me including nature, art and architecture.

There are three types of goodness for which individuals high in Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence are responsive to:

  • Physical beauty. This may be visual, auditory, tactile, or abstract. This type of goodness produces awe and wonder in the individual experiencing it.
  • Skill or talent (excellence). This is often energising, and makes the individual want to pursue their own goals. It produces admiration.
  • Virtue or moral goodness (moral beauty). Virtual goodness makes the individual want to be better, more loving, and produces feelings of elevation.