I like to laugh and be funny and I like making others smile or laugh.
Smiling and laughing are not only fun, they’re good for your health—not just physically, but
socially and emotionally, as well.
While there is much evidence that smiling and laughing are beneficial to physical health,
they seem to have an even more powerful effect on mental health. Crawford and Caltabiano
(2011) conducted an experiment that involved the use of a group humor skills program. The
study found that participants who were “trained in humour” by the program showed
increased self-efficacy, positive thinking, optimism and perceptions of control, and
decreased negative thinking anddepression and anxiety symptoms, as compared with
untrained participants. Knowing what to say to make others laugh can actually help protect
you against common mental health problems. Most importantly, knowing your way around
humour helps reinforce a positive state of mind.
So, remember that you can use humour as a tool to get you through feeling good about life!


Charlie bit my finger! I felt a bit mean laughing through this but the two brothers do seem to love each other!

What makes you laugh?

One thought on “Humour

  1. Humour is great character strength but somtimes I try to show humour and it is so weird when I do it so it turns out funny any way. Plus how as the holidays been and was New Zealand (FUN)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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