Restorative Justice

As teachers, we sometimes find that when there are social issues with students, it is beneficial to gather those involved and give them an opportunity to verbalise how they are feeling.

The goal with restorative practice is to get everyone involved one step closer to meting their needs whilst improving communication, understanding and empathy for one another.

The questions that can be used include:

  1. What happened? (giving students the opportunity to be heard)
  2. How were you feeling? (Identifying and understanding each other’s feelings)
  3. What happened after your behaviour? (Giving them the opportunity to assess whether the behaviour is working for them)
  4. Who else was involved, what do you think their feelings and needs were? (Help students to develop empathy and emotional intelligence)
  5. Who else was affected who was not directly involved?
  6. What have you learnt and what will you do next time? (Listen, ask questions, check understanding, summarise)
  7. How can you repair what has happened? (Gives a sense of resolution)

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