Choir at BHPS

Mrs Blake and I love choir and always look forward to Tuesdays when we get together to sing. We feel very lucky that Sarah Dawe comes and accompanies us on her ukulele, singing with her beautiful voice too. Psychological research has shown that involvement with music can improve positive emotions and wellbeing. Listening to and playing an instrument or singing can enhance mood and provide other health benefits which have been documented in medical journals.  I notice our choir members smiling at each other and enjoying being part of a group. Mrs Blake and I often talk about how happy we feel after a choir session 🙂





Self Belief

Self Belief: “I know what I believe in and I wonder about the world I live in”.

People who believe in themselves have inner confidence that helps them to understand their purpose. They value themselves, and believe that they contribute value to others and to the world. Their belief in themselves helps to drive their actions.

In “We’re All Wonders,” Auggie looks different from other people and uses his inner strength to stay strong. This book taps into people’s desire to be seen as who they really are.

“Iggy Peck, Architect” and “Rosie Revere, Engineer,” are stories about pursuing dreams and believing in yourself.


Can you make a connection to a character in a book who showed self belief?

Open Mindedness

Open Mindedness means, thinking things through and being open to different people or ideas.

Open mindedness and respect can be promoted by demonstrating empathy and compassion through your words and actions. People who are open-minded love others despite AND because of their differences.

In Rose Meets Mr Wintergarden by Bob Graham, the Wintergardens live next door to a scary, grumpy, old man but Rose overcomes her fears and shows an open mind by visiting Mr Wintergarden and becoming friends with him.