Open-Mindedness “Inclusion”

Open-mindedness means, thinking things through and being open to different people or ideas.

Open-mindedness is also about including others.

At Barwon Heads PS we place importance on ensuring that everyone feels included and we teach the students strategies to use if they see someone being left out or if they feel that they are being left out themselves.

Open mindedness and respect can be promoted by demonstrating empathy and compassion through your words and actions. People who are open-minded love others despite AND because of their differences.

The Ghost of Miss Annabel Spoon by Aaron Blabey is about a lady who is lonely and different because she is really shy. The townspeople are scared of her, however, they soon realise that she just wants to be included.

Kick it to me, by Neridah McMullin is about the first invitation for Tom to join the Djab Wurrung boys in their Marn-grook game. Tom is thrilled to have been included and amazed by the boys’ enthusiasm and energy.

Why do you think it’s important to make sure that people feel included?

7 thoughts on “Open-Mindedness “Inclusion”

  1. Dear Mrs Kebbell
    I love learning about open mindedness.
    I think you show open mindedness all the time.
    You’re a great person and teacher‍
    From your student Josh

  2. Dear Mrs kebbell.
    I really enjoyed learning about open mindness.
    And the activity where we had to draw a picture with 1 colour and then doing a picture with lots colour of colours was a really good activity for open mindedness.
    From Ella

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