At Barwon Heads PS we define wisdom as: “My friends think that I am wise. I understand what is important in life.”


Some of the activities that we have been doing in class this week have included;

Having students read (or read to them) one of AESOP’s fables and have them identify the wisdom in the story.


Have students look for words of wisdom (or wise quotes) on the internet. Have them make a poster for the quote that they feel best represents them or something that they believe strongly.


Have students write a letter to a student coming into their grade level next year. Include some words of wisdom.


In our class we discussed the importance of not just being a bystander when witnessing an injustice; stand up for what is right.

Some of our favourite picture story books contain words of wisdom…….


Can you think of a friend, family member or someone else who you look up to who has showed wisdom?

11 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. Hi Miss keball,
    I really liked doing the character strength wisdom and learning about what it is!
    I hope we continue the character strength awards next year and you’ll still be the teacher for it.
    You are a great music and poz ed teacher too.
    From your student Ella

    • What a lovely comment Ella!
      You will still learn about and use all of the character strengths next year as every teacher in the school uses them. Your post has reminded me that I need to do an entry for next week’s character strength. Hope you are having a good weekend,
      Best wishes,
      Mrs Kebbell

  2. Dear mrs kebbell
    You are very wise and make great decisions and choices. I love what we are doing in writing and i love having miss ball as a student teacher
    From Sadie

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