13 thoughts on “International Dot Day

  1. Hi 3A+3B
    I love using creativity in art and writing. In art you can do whatever you want and it doesn’t matter even if you go off the page (well it kind of does; it would be on the table). Writing is just the same. I really enjoy thinking up new ideas and creating them in to a epic block buster novel.

  2. Hi Mrs kebbell,
    I love learning about the character strengths.
    My favorite character strengths are kindness,hope,love
    And teamwork thanks for being the best teacher this term
    From Tyla

  3. Hi Mrs Kebbell,
    I really liked doing the dot picture.
    l did a picture of a horse,and the dot in the picture was the dot in the eye.
    I had really fun doing the pictures.
    From Ella

  4. Hi Mrs Kebbell,
    I really liked how drawing and looking at the dot pictures i really liked the subject in writing. you are a great teacher you are very enthusastic

  5. Hi 3A+3B

    My character strength is creativity because i am very creative in art like the farthers day present when two of my colours merged together to make it look alive

    By Fynn

  6. dear 3a creativity is fun when you have to use other parts of your body to draw. its really hard to draw neat but its still fun.
    from oscar

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