We all love music and research has shown that listening to and participating in music enhances our wellbeing.

On Monday morning the grade 1-3 students were lucky to participate in a performance by “Zeeko” from Musica Viva. Musica Viva provide high quality musical education for students and it was a pleasure for us to engage in this live, interactive performance.

We learnt about a variety of musical instruments including bottles and a conch shell.

We all enjoyed the performance very much!

13 thoughts on “Music

  1. I thought that we got very good musical education about instruments.Thier songs where very interesting,like the adventure of milk.Jonty

  2. They did have some very good instremunts such as a type of drum wich you sit on.They where used by the African slaves because they where deprived of instruments.Jonty

  3. Hi 3A
    Creativity is a important carecter stregh
    because you use ideas that are Original from your own mind.
    We use creativity in our dally life’s
    From Georgie and Hannah

  4. Hi 3A

    This weeks character strength is Modesty.Modesty means that you don’t show of and you know your strengths and weaknesses.I hope you enjoyed my letter
    From Jemima

  5. Hi mrs Kebbel,
    I thought doing the character strength
    modesty is a great way to show not to show off.
    I love learning all about the character strengths.


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