Prudence means……..

“I think carefully and make good choices”

Motto: Think before you act.

“Make smart choices,” is a rule that can be easily applied to primary school students. There are many ways to share how it works. Discuss the smart and foolish choices made by characters in a story, famous historical individuals, students in the playground.  Before beginning a science experiment or art activity, ask kids to talk about the wisest and silliest decisions that can be made.

Some examples of books wherein the characters display prudence include:


“Can I Join Your Club” shows the main character being rejected by the other animals and making the decision to make his own club where everyone belongs.

“The Ant and the Grasshopper” is a fable wherein the organised ant plans for the Winter while the arrogant and lazy grasshopper makes fun of the ant. The grasshopper regrets his not so prudent decision making later!

Everyone knows the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and the boy’s unwise decision to trick the villagers more than once. His behaviour also backfires.

Finally, “How to Heal a Broken Wing,” by Bob Graham shows a little boy in a sea of adults making the prudent and kind decision to help a bird lying injured on the pavement.

Jemima wrote: Prudence means….Think before you act and make good choices. If you make a bad choice, at the end of the day think of three good things that happened today.

Matilda wrote: Prudence means….Making good choices and thinking carefully. I choose which path to follow, which line to draw, which balloon to float me and hopefully I choose right.

Can you think of a time when you or the character in a book have shown prudence?

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  1. Hi mrs kebbell
    I think that the book can I join your club is a great way of teaching prudence. I really love that book
    From Alice

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