8 thoughts on “Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

  1. Hi 3A

    This week we are learning about openmimdness.
    Openmindness means to think carefully before making a decision when things change. This week I have been practising this character stranth.

    My character stranths:leadership,Teamwork,Enthusiasm

    I hope you enjoyed my message

    Jemima from 3A

    • Hi Jemima,
      It’s fantastic that you are practising “Open-Mindedness” and I agree with you that the main character strengths you show on a daily basis are Leadership, Teamwork and Open mindedness!.
      Mrs Kebbell

  2. Hi Mrs Kebbell
    I can’t wait to see who gets the two awards
    I love learning about the character straight
    Open mindness and the other ones you are a great teacher
    Your also good at singing.
    And you choose great books for each one

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