The Character Strength “Fairness” belongs to the category of Justice. Fairness means giving everyone a fair go and treating others as you would like to be treated. As a teacher, fairness is about giving everyone the opportunity to succeed and going out of your way to ensure that this is happening. For children, fairness is about being empathetic and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. It is also about being considerate, honest and respectful of others.

This is our house  by Michael Rosen, illustrated by Bob Graham is about a boy called George who will not let girls, small people, people with glasses etc play in his cardboard house. The tables are turned and George finds out that it’s more fun to share and include others.


Fairness is one of the most rewarding character strengths to teach students because it is a strength that is all around them. They see it in others and practice it themselves in the playground each day.

Tell us about any incidents of Fairness that you witnessed today. 

This website has some tips for parents:   http://www.yessafechoices.org/parents/character-education-corner/fairness



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  1. Hi 3A

    I just wanted to tell u all my favourite book I’ve red this year.
    The one I chose was chip it had a lot of character stranths the beast one was humour. From Jemima.

    Ps. I’m from 3A

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