Silly Science incursion

Today was our silly science incursion. We learnt a lot of new things for our science education.


It was sticky, it was gooey, it was slime. In our incursion we made slime, we got to take the slime home after we made it. Did you know that nonutoniaviscoelastic fluid means slime?image

POP! The rocket shot out of the beaker. We found out that if you mix bi-carb soda and vinegar together, shake it and put a small rocket on top, the rocket will shoot up.


CLICK! The magnets clicked together. It was time to fish for magnets! We were aloud to catch five fish and then we had to move to the next rotation.


SNAP! The magnets snapped together as we built the tunnels to pull the metal through. As we pulled the magnets through we wondered what mak s the metal attract to the magnets.


Drip, drip, drip, how many pencils can you stick through the bag full of water with out it leaking? 1,2,3, we got a lot.

It was so much fun!!😊

By Ella and Stella

17 thoughts on “Silly Science incursion

    • Hi 3a
      Sorry, this was my mum who sent the comment I am replying to right now, she forgot to put her name in, instead of mine!
      From Ella (the real one)

  1. Hi Mrs kebbell
    I really liked making the slime.
    It was all goowy.
    Me and Zali put threw 33 pencils in the plastic bag
    Drip Drip
    I hoped you enjoyed reading this

  2. Dear Mrs Kebbell.

    when we were making the slime it looked like blue ink and it felt squishy and it was so much fun

    from sunny

  3. Dear 3A,
    My faveourite part of silly science was the rocket and the vinegar .I liked it because it really looked like something a sientest would do. I hope that everyone else had a good time.⚗️

  4. Dear 3 A

    I really liked silly science my favourite part was the rocket activity me and Harry farra got nine blasts in only one go. I also really liked the pencil activity I stuck 28 pencils in the bag without any leaks or wholes I would like to say a big thank you to all the grade three teachers for organising this amazing incersion. I bet all the grade threes are really grateful for us to be able to enjoy it.

  5. Dear 3A,
    I hope you all had an amazing time at silly science doing all of the chemical reaction experiments because I know that I did. My favorite experiment was definitely the one with the rocketsand when you put them into the beaker⚗️they popped into the air with a perculiar sound and the beaker started to bubble up inside . It was extrodanary. I also really enjoyed making the slime and I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen when the liquid turned into pretty much gooey solid witch I had actually never seen. I hope you all enjoyed getting into a day of amazing science. From Chloe 3/4C

  6. Hi Mrs Kebbell,
    Silly science was so FUN!
    My favourite thing was making slime.It was so gooey and sticky.We even got to take some slime home!My group chose yellow slime. I really enjoyed silly science!!
    From Chloe 3A

  7. Dear Mrs kebbell,
    The silly science was a lot of fun.
    My favourite experiment was the one were we made the slime but I also loved the one with the rocket and the beaker.
    From Mackenzie

  8. Hi Ms Kebbell,that was so much fun that day I really liked the slime.I got the colour yellow,when we were making the slime it looked really cool!!!From Daisy

  9. Dear Mrs Kebbell,
    I enjoyed Silly Sience soooo much. And I reccon all the grade threes enjoyed it so much too!! The slime was so much fun!! My favourite activity was the one where you have to put the pencils through the plastic bag. Also my partner was Leni and together we got 32 pencils through the bag one at a time! And also the other favourite activity of mine was the rocket shooting, me and my partner didn’t get many blasts.i’m sure that all the grade threes are grateful. Mikka

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