This week the reading strategy that we have been focussing on has been summarising. We have been looking at non fiction texts and learning how to take notes to record the main ideas in texts. WE looked at topic sentences and key words and different ways of taking notes.



We watched an interesting film on the Murray river and learnt about how important this river is for many different reasons.

Some of us took notes on our new whiteboard table.

2 thoughts on “Summarising

  1. Dear 3A,

    I really hope you’re all enjoying your bike riding and perhaps soon to learn some new road rules. I cant wait to see you all on Friday when I help out for your bike riding! Yay!

    Do you know, my brother didn’t learn how to ride a bike until he was in grade 6, but, because he PERSERVERED he eventually learnt! Now he rides to work all the time. Goodluck 3A, most importantly, enjoy your bike riding and stay safe on the roads. I’ll be looking out for you all on Friday!

    See you later,

    Danni (Miller’s mum)

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