Science experiment

We are learning about all things science this term and today we decided to do an experiment to see what happened when we mixed oil and water. The first experiment was a bit of a disaster because all of the food dye came out of the oil and sank down into the water. It ended black. WE did it a second time and decided not to put colour in with the oil which meant that the separation between the oil and water was more obvious.

WE wrote the experiment up in our Writer’s Notebooks. Looking forward to doing another experiment tomorrow!!


What’s your favourite experiment so far?

6 thoughts on “Science experiment

  1. dear Mrs Kebbell.
    my favourite experiment so far is when we put Mentos with Pepsi it looked really cool could we try it again sometime instead with coke?.

    from sunny

  2. Dear 3A,

    My favourite experiments were the chocolate one and the coke and mentos one. The chocolate one was delicious and I begged mrs Kebbell for more but she had given it to Mr Burdess. I really liked the coke and mentos one though, because I did my science report on it. The scientific explanation was very interesting and I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks mrs Kebbell for letting me experience that moment of curiosity and interest.

    From Stella.

  3. making that was really fun me and the two poppy’s got to use that for our talk in the video for assembly I really loved making the two even though the first one did not work out it still looked really cool but I have to say the second one was better.from daisy

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