BHPS Olympic Opening Ceremony

WOW! What an amazing morning we had celebrating the opening of the Olympic Games! 3A dressed in the French colors of red, white and blue. Each class (country) got to parade around the arena just like the athletes in the Olympic Games. We had drum players, doves (pigeons) released into the sky and even a cherry picker with the symbol of Rio on it. The Olympic Flame arrived on a motorbike (Mrs Booth and Steve) and a person from each grade level got to run around the arena with it. Mr Roskosch came back and was our master of ceremonies. We enjoyed having lots of parents join in too!





What was your favourite part of our opening ceremony?

7 thoughts on “BHPS Olympic Opening Ceremony

  1. Hi Mrs Kebbell,
    My favourite parts were probably
    1.) The homing pigeons
    2.) The Motor bike scene
    3.) When Mr Haslem made the confetti come out of the tube
    And 4.) Leading the lap of honer.
    It was so fun and exiting I was dissoppointed when it was over.
    From Stella

  2. Dear Mrs Kebbell and 3a

    The photos look like you all had a great time!
    I am in Mataranka enjoying the thermal hot springs…its 32 degrees HOT!!

    Love Poppy S

  3. #i love those photos you took ms kebbell you got a good shot on that 3rd picture you took#
    #Harper #3A

  4. Dear Mrs Kebbell.
    the other thing that I liked was when you took the photo
    of us and the rest of the ceromony.

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