This week our Character Strength focus is on Teamwork!

Today the students of 3A identified some of the aspects of good teamwork.

Each team was given a bag with some straws, a paper bag, a roll of tape and 2 paper cups. They were asked to work together to create the tallest free standing tower that they could.

The team that won was the team that sat and talked about their model. They were the slowest to begin but worked together really well to make the ONLY tower that could stand on its own!

image image image

After finishing the challenge we added to our posters some more aspects of what makes a good team and these were planning and working together, sharing jobs and respecting the views of others.



Can you name some more things that make good teamwork?

8 thoughts on “Teamwork

  1. Hi Mrs Kebbell,

    Thanks so much for doing this activity! It was so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love having you as a teacher.
    thanks, ELLA!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Mrs Kebbell,
    it takes much co-operation and courage to work as a team. The winning team (my team) didn’t just rush into it, thinking we have got to win and barking orders at the rest of their team mates, they sat for a long five minutes talking about what they wanted to make, listening to each other and giving positive feedback. I think it is amazing what a team can do!
    From Stella!!! 🙂

  3. Hi Mrs Kebbell I really enjoyed building the tower even though our team didn’t win I still had a lot of fun and the activity also showed the character strength creativity . By Ismena

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