Sports Day at Landy Field

On Tuesday all of the Grade 3-6 students from BHPS spent the day at Landy Field participating in our school’s house sports. It was the first time for the Grade 3’s, and everyone was excited and looking forward to the day.

I managed the hurdles and was so impressed by the way the students participated with such enthusiasm. It was a pleasure to be there helping and it was lovely to see so many parents too.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image What was your favourite event?

15 thoughts on “Sports Day at Landy Field

  1. dear mrs kebbell

    my favourite event was the 200m i reckon it was fun because your challenging your self
    to do better.


  2. Hi Mrs Kebbell,

    My favourite event was herdles, because I love jumping…..BUT!!!! I loved long jump and high jump aswell.
    Thanks all teachers for helping out, I think everybody had at least a bit of fun (or heaps!!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t wait for next years 3-6 school athletics, it’ll be so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bye-b-bye-b-bye-bye-bye ELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dear teachers thankyou so much for setting the athletics day it was so funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favourite sport was discis. by Max

  4. Hi Mrs kebbell,
    I had so much fun at landy field,
    my favourite event was hurdles,
    it was great how Mercury came second,
    and well done to Jupiter
    From daisy

  5. Hi Mrs Kebbell,
    l had an awesome time at Landy Field,I hope you had an awesome time aswell. lt was a very cold day but l enjoyed every single part and every single event. lT WAS JUST AWESOME AND JUST OUTSTANDING ALSO FUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. BY Mikka.

  6. Mrs Kebbell,
    I had a great time at Landy field and would like to thank the teachers for organising it. My favourite activity was the 800m run and was very puffed out by the end. I also loved the herdles heat. It was really cold but I didn’t care!

  7. Dear Mrs kebbell,
    I loved Landy field and my favourite event was hurdles!
    it was very cold but we got through the day.
    From Mackenzie

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