Each week at BHPS we focus on a Character Strength.

This week’s Character Strength was “Friendship.”

Students in 3A identified friendship as being kind to others, sharing, being loyal, being friendly, caring, playing with new friends, including others and many more.

We made “What makes me a good friend” hands on which we came up with 5 reasons why we are good friends to others.



What makes you a good friend?

2 thoughts on “Kindness

  1. Dear Mrs Kebbell,
    kindness is a great character strenth to have in the classroom. I feel so much happier when everyone is smiling, being kind and genorous. It is music to my ears when someone gives me a compliment in the morning or afternoon. I love kindness!!!!!!

    ******From Stella******
    ****** ******

  2. dear all my friends
    in case you ever notice that I make you laugh
    I invited all of you to my birthday in august the 6th shame lachie couldn’t come because he was unwell
    I hope you all enjoyed it as well

    to my dearest friends

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