Character Strengths

The students in 3A have identified their character strengths. Students were given character strength cards from which they got to choose the strengths that were most like them! They then made posters showing our character strengths and gave some evidence as to why they identified with a particular character strength.

This is our character strength wall.


Below are some of our posters.

image image image image image image

What is your signature character strength?

Welcoming parents to our classroom

image image imageOn Friday we welcomed many of our parents and grandparents into our classroom. It was great to share some of our learning. The students performed poems that they had learnt during the week. We shared our Barwon Heads history projects with our families, played maths games and estimated blocks in a jar. It was great to have so many parents write on our blog! Thank you so much for visiting our classroom!

image image image image

Reading Fluently

This week our Learning Focus for Reading is Fluency.

One of the strategies that we use to read fluently is to re-read text to make sure that it sounds smooth and we understand what are reading.

We enjoyed hearing Banjo Patterson’s poem “Mulga Bill’s Bicycle” being read fluently and with expression.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 2.03.20 PM

In Guided Reading we read the poem “Hatching” by Lachlan Campain.

Have a listen to this poem being read by some of our class members!



Which poem have you enjoyed reading fluently?

Lobster Pot excursion

This morning we had a very interesting time at the Lobster Pot. Maddy taught us all about how the land that Barwon Heads is built on was formed. We learnt that the ocean went all the way to Ballarat but the ice age that happened 11, 500 years ago exposed the land. The bluff is over 100,000 years old but the Ocean Grove spit is only 6000 years old.


image image image

We found out that the indigenous people were the first shopkeepers, farmers, lawyers etc of the land that we live on now and that the land provided all that they needed to live. There are middens around Barwon heads that look like lots of shells, but they re the Aborigine’s rubbish tips. All of their “rubbish” was biodegradable though – no plastic!

image image

Here is a map of all the shipwrecks around Barwon Heads. There were many objects on display that had been found from shipwrecks.

image image

We also learnt about local indigenous plants and animals and why it is so important to look after our beaches and sand dunes.

image image image

What did you learn?