6 thoughts on “Performing!

  1. Dear Mrs Kebbell. I loved the play! I’m looking forward to the Easter fair, and going to places on the train. Choo Choo! Happy Easter!

  2. hi Mrs Kebbell,
    That play was REALY good and FUNNY!
    I can’t wait to do that play today! its going to be so funny and fun!

    From Zali

  3. I was the kookaburra. No one in the play had a sence of humour. Everyone laughed when I did a fake laugh and it made me feel overjoyed. I can’t wait to do another play!!!!!
    FROM STELLA!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi 3A,
    On the holidays I am looking forward to going to Vietnam, the Easter Fair and Easter eggs. From the photos the play looked really fun. Happy Easter Mrs Kebbell!!!!!!!!!
    From Ruby

  5. Hi mrs kebbell
    that play was realy funny. Welldone to all the people who performed in the play.
    Can’t wait until the next play.
    From p

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