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  1. Dear 3A
    I wasn’t at cross country but I already know by the looks on those faces you had a go and tried your hardest. Last year I splipped and fell but I just came 15th. Sad for me, happy for you. You do not want to come into grade 4! Joking

    From Will 3/4C

  2. Hi 3A, l really liked cross country. I had a great time there. My favourite thing was the running because the sitting was boring! But I had a great time cheering my team on as each grade was running. Chelsea 3B

  3. Dear 3A. I loved cross country ! I saw most of my friends, I sang the song, and most of all, I had fun!
    GO NEPTUNE! And the other houses. Josh.

  4. Hi mrs.Kebbell,
    I came first out of the grade 3 girls. I was a bit worried at first but I still wanted to run the race. Grade 3’s get metals I’m going to one. Can’t wait for next years!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    from STELLA!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi mrs Kebbell,
    This year has been such a fun year so far. When I found out that you were my teacher for this year, I was so excited! Im really looking for forward to the grade 3 camp! THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE THE BEST YEAR EVER!!!!!!!!!

    From Zali

  6. I loved cross country it was so much fun seeing my team cheering our team and I loved singing the song and coming 2 from daisy

  7. Hi Mrs kebbell
    Last term l had to run with the grade 4s
    I came 5th last but that’s ok because it’s about fun and friend ship.

    Hash tag looking forward to doing it again

    By sunny.

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