Ideas Trait

This week 3A have been learning about how to use the Ideas trait in their Writers Notebooks. Writers who use the Ideas trait well produce entries that are clear, focussed and interesting. We have talked about how important it is to focus on one small moment and choose topics that we know a lot about.

Today we went outside and wrote an entry about the things we could see, hear and feel.


What are some of your ideas?

8 thoughts on “Ideas Trait

  1. Dear Mrs Kebbell,
    How is your new class going? It looks like there great. Writing ideas is hard work but it pays off I love writing ideas. I remember when I wrote my first idea it was about my dog Jak. I loved that writing piece I’ve cept it for a year and a term now and it’s still in my heart of writing. I hope your class is enjoying it, it is so much fun.

    From Jasmine in your old class

  2. It was great to see some of the amazing things you are doing in grade 3a. I think ther are 335 blocks in the jar! F

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