Looking forward to 2016!

Last week we found out our new classes for 2016. We got to spend time together as a class which I really enjoyed! It was nice to meet some new and familiar faces and welcome everyone into the classroom.

Some of the things that the students are looking forward to include…..our bright “garden facing” classroom, learning new stuff, camp, excursions, Inquiry, continuing with Writers and Readers Workshops, having a new teacher, doing really fun activities and much, much more!

Here are some photos of us in the classroom and exploring the outside area.

image image image

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all next year. What are you looking forward to the most?

9 thoughts on “Looking forward to 2016!

    • Hi Silas,
      I’m excited to hear you read and see your writing. Miss Daws has told me what a great reader and writer you are. You will have lots of ideas from you holidays to write about! Maybe you could write a list of ideas to put in your Writer’s Notebook when you get back to school?
      Looking forward to being your teacher this year.
      Best wishes,
      Mrs Kebbell

    • Hi Tex,
      I’m so pleased that you are excited about writing. I am excited to see your writing and to read all about your fun filled holiday!
      Best wishes,
      Mrs Kebbell

  1. This note is a little late but I just had to comment on your excellent work on the history of Barwon Heads. I attended Barwon Heads State School from Grade 3 until Grade 6 as my father was the Head Teacher. His name was Charles McDonald and my name was Nola McDonald. We lived in the school residence next to the school. At the time there were only three classes – an infant class taught by a single woman whose name I can’t recall, Grades 3 & 4 which was taught by a Miss McKecknie and Grades 5 & 6 which my father taught.
    I came across your work as I am writing an autobiography and needed to find pictures of the flood. I hope I might use the one you have.

  2. Hi 3A
    I’m from 3B. I’ve had a really good year so far.
    I think you’ll love Mrs KEBBEL.
    (by the way she’s really funny)
    From VIOLET

  3. Hi miss kebbell
    I just found this website again thank you for letting me, Eliza and the group do music in your class room.
    From poppy tmc

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