10 thoughts on “Our bunk rooms

  1. Dear 3a, the best thing about my room was that I had one person I wanted and I got three that I didn’t put down but I was happy with who I got. So it was a great room for me!
    From Zoe

  2. Dear 3A
    I loved my bunk room I had Izzy Billy Archie Jono and Daniel. Billy went home sadly but I had more fun then ever. The boys ate more vegies in there sausages then the girls new world record. Those burgers were good!
    BY WILL!

  3. Dear 3A,

    I enjoyed reading your camp posts and checking out the photos. It sure looks like you had a great time at Anglesea! The activities all look like lots of fun.

    Looking at your post made me reflect about grade four camp last year and the camps I went on as a student. When I was in primary school, my favourite camp was to Warrnambool. Camps are a great way to interact with each other in a different environment.

    I’m sure you all created lots of fun memories from your grade three camp at Anglesea!

    From Miss Jordan

  4. Dear 3A,
    I really liked my cabin, I had Valla, May and Jasmine.
    I got everybody I wanted but not one person.
    Who did you get in your cabin?
    From Lily

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