Coastal Forest Lodge!

On Monday the Grade 3s headed of to Anglesea for camp! After a stop and play at Torquay we arrived at Coastal Forest Lodge. We spent three days there. We did heaps of different activities and we focussed on our You Can Do It Keys to success. Everyone achieved success and we all had a wonderful, memorable camp! Here are some photos.









What did you discover on the Eagle’s Nest hike?

3 thoughts on “Coastal Forest Lodge!

  1. what I liked about camp the most was nature art and hut building.
    What I liked about nature art was that Aston and I found a really cool peace of bark that had moss on it.
    What I liked about hut building was that Mr Burdess pored water on us.

  2. Dear Mrs Kebbell,
    I really enjoyed grade three camp. One of my favourite activities was the hut building with Mr B.

    I was in a group with Billy and Taj Don. I think that all the activities at C.F.L where really fun.
    The rec room was really,really fun to play.The game I liked the most was air hockey.

    From Jono

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