Sand Dune Revegetation

Today we went to the dunes near 30W of 13th Beach. We met Bret there. Bret works for Barwon Coast and he explained to us the importance of revegetating the sand dunes  back to their original state.

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We planted some native grasses in an area that had been made into a path. WE had to dig really deep holes and then we put special water crystals into the hole with the grass to keep it watered.

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After that it was time to form a human chain and drag some branches up the dune and place them on the path for protection. It was really hard work but everyone cooperated and did a great job!!

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Why is it important to protect our sand dunes? 



6 thoughts on “Sand Dune Revegetation

  1. Dear 3A,
    It’s so great to have a break from class work and learn outdoors.
    How lucky we are that we live so close to the beach!
    Tess really enjoyed planting, moving the tree branches and learning about the water crystals.
    Keep up the good work!
    Rebekka (Tess’ mum)

  2. Dear 3A, I think that the sand dunes would have be fun, but I was not there gracie has been telling me all about it. I wish I got to go.
    from Zoe

  3. Dear Zoe,
    That’s really sad you would of loved it we got to plant native grass and lift up branches and passed them along the big line that led up like a bushie hill. Gracie, Indi and I were at the very front of the line and the branches that were sort of like brooms we shouted out BROOMIE ONE! and a lot more funny names which was fun. Sorry u missed it I hope u had just as fun.

    From Jasmine

    • Dear Jas ,
      It was sad Zoe could not get there. I loved passing trees up the hill. There where strange names being called out where I was too I did not know how they worked though because they were around the corner. I could not see what branch they were talking about but it was still very funny.
      From Hazel

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