House Athletics Day at Landy Field

Today we had our annual house athletics day at Landy Field.

It was the first time that the Grade 3s had participated.

Everyone tried their hardest and participated in all of the events – it was fun!

Hope you were as proud of your effort as I was!

Great work 3A!!

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Which event did you enjoy the most?

26 thoughts on “House Athletics Day at Landy Field

  1. Dear mrs kebbell
    I liked it all but when we were at the hurdles there
    was lots of hurt girls but I liked it all
    from gracie

  2. Dear 3A,
    I had a very fun day, I think hurdles were very fun.
    I can’t wait for the next Athletics sports day.
    From Tess

  3. Dear Mrs Kebbell,
    My favourite sport was discus. I threw the discus 16.40 metres.
    I got the grade 3 boys record. I beat Banjo by only just 1.40 meters.
    I also liked Shot put,100 metre sprint,200 metre sprint and high jump.
    I personally enjoyed the athletic sport day. Thank you Mrs sing for running it, and thank you teachers for making it happen and running all of the activities.

    From the discus thrower,

  4. Dear 3A,
    I’m so jealous that you did sports day!
    I was at home with a sour tummy Sleeping all day

  5. Dear Mrs Kebbell,
    I loved all of the activeties but my 1st favourite was discous but my 2nd was shotput.
    I can’t wait till the next sports day!
    From Lily

  6. Dear 3A,
    Athletics was fun I did not do very well in high jump when I jumped my hand went down on the net and it was WAY!!! to high but I did something right in high jump I landed the right way on the bouncy thing mat.

  7. Dear 3A, my favourite event was hurdles because I did not nock one over and because I was with Miss Kebbell. It was really fun and I think every one did a good job!
    From Zoe

  8. Dear 3A,
    I really enjoyed sports day, my favourite events
    was high jump, hurdles, 100m sprint, and 200m sprint.
    It was really FUN!!!!!!!
    From Ethan.

  9. Dear 3A,
    I didn’t get into the next part but that doesn’t matter because I had fun anyway!
    I can’t wait til we do Athletics again next year!
    From Lily

  10. Dear 3A,
    I had loads of fun at athletics .
    My favourite activity was the 100 metre sprint.
    I came first in my heat. my recorded time was 19.9 seconds for the race . I liked hurdles too . Jumping and running is so much fun. I think high jump was very hard. Everyone put in a great effort
    I hope you enjoyed athletics as much as I did.
    From Hazel

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