6 thoughts on “Voracious Reading

    • Dear Gracie,
      I do love reading, at the moment I am reading Diary of a wimpy kid (Dog Days)
      My favourite book is The Faraway Tree, and my favourite character is Saucepan man and I like all three of them.
      What’s your favourite book.
      From Lily

      • dear lily
        I like the faraway magic tree too and I like
        Alice Miranda and
        the tree house the 65 storey tree house and lost of more books and I love when
        Mrs kebbell lets us read I liked to reading for along time
        do you like to read for a long time?
        from Gracie

  1. Dear Mrs Kebbell,
    I love reading books because they are funny and weird,
    I hope we can do voracious reading again.
    From Tess

  2. Dear 3A,
    I like to read long non-fiction books. My
    Favourite book is one at home
    I will try to bring it in so that we can
    see it.

  3. Dear 3A,
    I love those poems they like get my mind ready to read so like I’m in a reading mood well I’m always in a reading mood cause I love to read I like to read poems, imformation report, storys, non-fitchon texts and persavise texts and so many other things.

    From Jasmine

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