Context Clues

Context Clues

The meaning of a word can often be worked out from clues in the surrounding context. What comes before and after a new word can reveal its meaning, structure, and use. We call these clues “context clues” and we have been learning about these in class.

For example, if I asked you what the meaning of “tore” is, you would probably say “ripped.”

In the following context it means something different: “Nelly was so excited that she tore down the stairs as fast as she could”.

The meaning of “tore” in the context of the example is “ran quickly”.

Here are some examples the we worked on in class….

Johanna has so many friends because she is a gregarious person. What does gregarious mean?

Friendly and outgoing

  1. Shy and quiet
  2. Boring and uninteresting
  3. Rude and mean

What do you think thrill means?

That rollercoaster was a thrill!” Max shouted, eyes wide open and a grin on his face.

  1. Feeling of excitement.
  2. Feeling of sadness.
  3. Feeling of curiousity.

What does irate mean?

Zeo’s father was irate because Zoe had been rude to him and kept answering him back.

  1. Happy
  2. Angry
  3. Not bothered
  4. Tired
  5. Doesn’t care

What does opponent mean?

The soccer game ended when Jono’s opponent kicked the ball onto the roof.

  1. Someone who teaches
  2. Someone against another
  3. Someone who helps another.

Can you remember any words that you have read then used the context to work out their meaning?

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