Play time

 Playing at school




Playing at recess and lunchtime is lots of fun. It’s also a time when lots of social skills are practised such as getting along, negotiation, flexibility, caring for others, empathy, inclusiveness and resilience.

What games do you like playing at recess and lunch time?

Can you think of some social skills that you use when playing outside?

13 thoughts on “Play time

  1. Dear 3a ,

    Guess what? I’m on the blog at the Rock shop with my friends we have lots of fun even though we hardly get any students coming to our shop we have
    jobs my favourite job was sorting but now we all sort.

    From Jasmine

  2. Dear 3A,
    I love playing on the play ground. I love the monkey bars.
    What do you like playing on?

    From Johanna

  3. Dear Mrs Kebbell,
    If the whole class behaves themselves, we could go outside and play games just with our class on Fridays.
    From Lily and Zoe

  4. Dear 3a,
    I always have fun playing at play time, I play soccer and tiggy, With my friends such as Izzy, Ethan, Billy, Daniel, Jono and Archie.
    Play safe!
    From WILL!

  5. Dear 3A,
    its great to see all those happy faces!
    I like to play gymnastics with my friends at lunch and snack.
    I am a teacher in gymnastics.
    from Pippi

  6. Dear Mrs Kebbell ,
    At lunch I play gymnastics.
    My friends and I always learn new skills and have lots of fun .
    I am a teacher when we play.
    We make up lots of dances.
    From Hazel

  7. Dear WIZ!

    Same I have lotttttttttttttsssssssss of FUN!
    I love playing with my friends to they are all very nice!!


  8. Hi 3A I am Aston from 3C your blog is really cool especially the photos. I like the ones when you were making city

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