10 thoughts on “Expanding Vocabulary

  1. Dear Mrs kebbell,
    I have really liked making the tree of words. It has helped me on choosing new words for reading & writing.

  2. Dear 3A, I think it was a great idea to make a tree that we put all the words that we think are good because other people can use them in our writing or reading. I think it’s a great thing to have in the class room Mrs Kebbell thank you!!!
    From Zoe

  3. Dear 3A,
    I have really enjoied learning about expanded vocabulary. The words that I have put on the tree are burnt, racket, lawn and reflection. There are really interesting words on the tree

  4. Dear 3A,
    I really enjoy having the interesting words tree in the class room because it gives you time to learn new
    word as well as tell over people new word and all the words are interesting like in a book I’m reading there is a girl called Caprice and caprice in a interesting word it shows what she is like.

    From Jasmine

  5. Dear 3A,
    I like the tree idea the words on the tree are all very good.
    I can’t wait until the tree is finished and how it looks I wonder how it will look when it is done?
    From Tess

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