This week we have been learning about how to write different forms of poetry. One of the Poetic Devices that we can use is called alliteration. Alliteration is a series of words, occurring close together in the phrases or lines of poetry that have the same first consonant sound.

We wrote these poems this morning. Hope you enjoy them!

Jono Juggles Jiggly Jugs while Jumping on jealous Jelly fish


Lily likes luscious locks,

Luscious locks like Lily,

Luscious locks and Lily,

Like licking lollipops.

Luscious locks Ly, ly, ly.


Angus annoyed angry alligators,

And ate an aardvark


Archie ate apples, arrows and axes all the way to America.


Valla vacuumed vein up to Vegas Valleys. Vanilla at Valla’s beach is very good.

Valla valts venom vice, va, la, la.


Max’s monkeys might munch Mitch’s monkey’s macaroni.


Billy banged bananas,

Balls banged Billy,

Basketballs banged benches,

Bridges banged ballerinas.


Hazel’s happy horse has a humungous harness.


Gracie got gorgeous Greta.

Germany got gorilla Ginger.


Johanna Jaguar Jellies Jam and Jaffles.


Tess’s tortoise teaches trouble making toads to tadpoles.


Hazel’s happy horse has humungous horns.


May made magnificent mango meals.


Pippi’s pony practises performing poetry.


Liam the Lemon likes homemade lollypops.


Will’s wiggly worms walked with winged wombats which wiggled while watching walking witches.


Ethan edited elephants eggs eating eyes ended Eddie entided eggs.


Daniel donut dunks dislocated dumb doomed donkeys.


Jasvies Jasmine juggling Jasmine and gorgeous Jasmine.


Izzy’s iguana is in Indonesia inventing infinity ivy coloured iguannas.


Zoe zebra zigzagged along the zig zag road. Zagly zigzagging zebraly.


Byron bouncing on a big basketball.


Lisa Likes Limericks while Licking Lemon Lollipops Lying lucidly near the left leaning lighthouse.

18 thoughts on “Alliteration

  1. Dear 3A,
    I loved doing the alliteration activities.
    I liked every bodies poems because they are all unique in there own way.
    From Tess

  2. Dear 3A,
    I enjoyed having the parents at school for maths games. It was a big opportunity to show them what we have been doing in class. I was really excited that my little sister in the classroom to play. Your the best 3A!!!
    From Zoe

  3. Dear 3A,
    I loved reading all of your great alliteration poems.
    I hope you can do more fantastic
    poems for everyone to read happily.
    from Johanna

  4. Dear 3A
    I could not think of any good words
    so I used the dictinory and I
    found some words I did not

    from Valla

  5. Hi 3A,
    I thought your alliterations were awesome as apples (see what I did there?). When I was in Mrs Kebbells grade we also did alliterations. I think Mrs Kebbell is a pretty awesome teacher don’t you think, if you do I would love a response from one of you guys.

    From Archie from 4A

  6. Wow I love the ideas!
    Great alliteration and I hope you had fun.
    While I read them I made my own!
    Jet’s jelly jiggled joyfully and jumped a jynormousely!

  7. DEAR 3A,
    I loved the alliteration poems such as mine!
    For Will’s wiggly worms mine I was going to do Will’s wiggly worms watched the wiggles while walking, but it sounded to baby because were grade 3A!

  8. dear 3a,
    I think those poems are really cool and some of them I can’t even say them propyl
    they are awesome.
    From Ethan

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