Wadda Wurrung

The Wudda Wurrung people have lived  and cared for the area we live in for hundreds of years.

We learnt a little about the evidence of the life they lead when we visited the Lobster Pot.

The wedge tail eagle is the totem of the Wadda Wurrong people, they call the eagle Bundjil.



There are middens in the sand dunes of 13th beach. These middens look like piles of old shells and they are actually remnants of places where the Aboriginal people gathered to eat shellfish and other foods together.

Many of the Wudda Wurrang people lived in stone and timber houses that looked similar to this one.


There are many words that we use today that are taken from the Wudda Wurrang language. For example, Geelong is taken from Djillong which means tongue or land of peninsula. Connewarre means black swan.

All of this information has come from a book called ” The Wadda Wurrung People. Did you know?” Which was designed and produced by Jo Whitehead. This book is in our class library and you are welcome to borrow it if you are interested in learning more about our local Aboriginal people.

Do you have any wonderings about the Wudda Wurrong people?


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  1. Dear 3A,
    I was not there when you read it but i’m share it was wonderful. Did any of your wonderings get solved? well mine did but not from the book. The… Exertion told me that there was a volcano in Barwon Heads because it was…was there ever a volcano in Barwon Heads and there is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bye.

    From Jasmine

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