10 thoughts on “Our Published Persuasive Writing

  1. Dear 3A,
    I love reading all your work. Fantastic writing everyone!
    From Pippi’s mum Kate! 🙂

  2. Dear Mrs Kebbell and class
    I recon that the persuasive texts were really good and really
    convincing ,and I recon that I would do what all of them say
    from Ethan

  3. Dear 3a,

    I really think that all of your passive text
    We’re brillyent and were very passive.
    I can not what to see all of the
    Other ones we will do later in the year.

  4. Dear Mrs kebbell,
    I loved writing the persuasive piece. My favourite part was writing the last argument
    By Jono

  5. Dear 3a,
    I really like writing persuasive text because we get to write about something that we would like to make people do or don’t do. So I really would like everyone to love writing.
    From Zoe

  6. Dear 3a and class,

    All of the persuasive texts were so persuasive I didn’t know what one to believe!

    From Will

  7. Dear Mrs Kebbell,
    All of the persenol narritives are great.
    My persuasive piece is called don’t litter.
    Everybody is so good and talented at writing a persuasive piece.
    Keep up the good work!
    From Lily

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