Lobster Pot

Today we visited the lobster pot to learn more about the history and Geography of Barwon Heads as this is our inquiry topic this term.

IMG_4653 IMG_4656

We learnt that before the ice age the land all the way to Ballarat was under water and that a volcano at Mt Duneed 2 million years caused the Black Rock (basalt) that we see around the bluff today.

IMG_4657 IMG_4658

“At the Heads” restaurant used to be a fishing co-op where the fisherman would bring their fish to sell.

We were interested to learn about the years of major floods.


These artefacts were discovered after the shipwreck of the Earl of Charlmont.



And the photo on the right shows Hitchcock Street during a big flood. It looks very different today!

IMG_4666 IMG_4667

This is the Barwon Heads Hall during floods and the tents are the camping ground a long time ago.IMG_4668 IMG_4669

People having a picnic on 13th beach and the bluff from the caravan park.

IMG_4671 IMG_4673 IMG_4677 IMG_4681

At the end we put together a timeline of photos.

What did you learn?

What did you enjoy most about our visit to the Lobster Pot?

How has Barwon Heads changed?


16 thoughts on “Lobster Pot

  1. Dear 3A,

    I loved seeing all of the animals and things there. It was really
    really fun. My favourite part was The touch tank. I really
    loved the elephant snail.

  2. Dear 3a,
    I really liked going to the lobster pot.
    I learned a lot like how old staff is in
    Barwon heads.
    from Ethan

  3. Dear 3A
    I loved the lobster pot I tried to
    find a albatross egg but I could not see it.
    My favourite animal there was the albatross
    what was yours? Pleas tell me.
    from Valla

  4. Dear Mrs Kebbell,
    the lobster pot was very interesting.
    I leaned that there were lost of
    floods. And barwon heads had chaged a lot
    from Gracie

  5. Dear 3A,

    I loved learning all about the history and geography of Barwon Heads and how it’s changed over the years.
    From Billy 3A.

  6. Dear 3A,
    The Lobster Pot looked interesting and Fun! I bet you all had a great time. Billy came home and told me all about the history and geography of Barwon Heads and told me he learnt so much.
    It’s great to have a place like the Lobster Pot to keep and preserve our towns history.
    From Billy’s Dad.

  7. Dear Mrs Kebbell,
    Thank you so much for organising an excursion at the Lobster Pot. I had a lot of fun there.

    From Billy 3A

  8. Dear Mrs kebbell and class,
    My Great grandad fought in world war 2 and survived but died at the age of 90 after world war 2, he is still in family history and he has got GREAT medals! I loved the lobster pot because I smelt the wallaby droppings! And the touch tanks, the wallaby droppings was stinky!!!!!!
    From Will!

  9. Going to the Lobster Pot was a great experience. I personally think my favourite thing was finding out what was under water. What was your favourite thing?

  10. HI! 3A

    I really liked the lobster pot. I liked looking at stufft animals ather thing
    It was really good.

    From May

  11. Dear 3A,
    I loved learning about how Barwon heads was formed all those years ago.
    And the earl of charlmont and all the old items that were found.

    From Izzy

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