This week we have been learning about ANZAC day because it is 100 years since the first ANZACs landed at Gallipoli.

We remember the ANZACs because they were brave and they fought in the First World War to keep us safe. We appreciate what they did and thank many of them for sacrificing their lives.

Today Zoe brought in a special book titled “Galipoli” about two mates who went to Gallipoli. Their names were Bluey and Dusty and they “joined up” to begin an adventure. They met Simpson and his donkey (Duffy) and both spent time in hospital on an island called Lemnos.  It was a nice book to read because it told the story of Gallipoli from their point of view.




Last year I visited the War Memorial in Canberra and took this photo of the wall which has the names of Australians who have lost their lives in wars.

We will never forget them.

What else do you know about ANZAC day?

Do you know of any family members (eg great grandfathers) who have been in wars?

Did you do anything to celebrate ANZAC day with your family on Saturday?

7 thoughts on “ANZAC Day

  1. Dear 3A,
    I really enjoyed Anzac day, Archie came over to
    my house and we baked Anzac biscuits but they
    failed because they turned out as flat as a
    then we watched the football
    from Ethan

  2. Dear 3A, I enjoy ANZAC day because we remember the people who fort in the ware to save our home.
    And I really liked the things that we did to celebrate ANZAC day at school.
    Thankyou miss Kebbel for making all the activerties happen they were really fun!
    From Zoe

  3. Dear Ethan,
    I made ANZAC biscuits too but they were really good.
    And also watched the footy how good were the magies win.

    From Izzy.

  4. Dear class,
    I went to the war memorial and saw the awesome model planes trucks and many more! it looked really amazing, and really scary to be in war. I saw the soldiers that risked there lives for civilians.

    From WILL!!!

  5. Dear 3A,
    When it was ANZAC day my little sister kept on asking if she could make Anzac biscuits because her
    Kinder gave her the recipe.
    From Tess

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