This term the Grade Three students are investigating the history and geography of Barwon Heads.

As always, we use the student’s interests and wonderings to direct the journey we take with our learning. Here are some of 3A’s wonderings about our topic. I wonder if we will find the answers to some of these questions?

Who discovered Barwon Heads? (Johanna)

What was Barwon Heads like when it was first discovered (Billy)

How old is Barwon Heads Primary School? (Hazel)

Who was the first person born in Barwon heads? (Archie)

What did the main street look like 90 years ago? (Pippi)

How did William Buckley survive? (Will)

When did the Early of Charmont become wrecked? (Daniel)

How many people have lived in Barwon Heads? (Angus)

How many people are in the school? (Valla)

How many holiday houses are there in Barwon Heads? (May)

How old is the William Buckley bridge? (Lily)

Did the Aborigines build shelters to survive in Barwon heads? (Liam)

How long ago did the Aborigines live here? (Byron)

What did the first house in Barwon Heads look like? (Ethan)

Who built the first house in Barwon Heads? (Gracie)

What was the first beach to be discovered in Barwon Heads? (Max)

Did any part of a planet ever fall down on Barwon Heads? (Jasmine)

What year was Barwon Heads Primary School built? (Isaiah)

How long is Barwon Heads? (Jono)

How was the bluff made? (Tess)


Do you have any more wonderings about our inquiry topic?

Have you found the answer to your question?


12 thoughts on “Wonderings

  1. Dear Mrs Kebbell and class, I think that the work the boys and girls are doing is fantastic, from Nick McAteer

  2. Dear 3A,

    I have a nother wondering well really I have millions of wondering,s
    but the wondering I want to tell you is……………………………………….
    Was there ever a volcano in Barwon Heads?

    From Jasmine

    • Hi Jasmine,
      Why don’t you find out? You could use the computer to do some research and ask google your question!
      Let me know if you find the answer.
      Happy googling!
      Mrs Kebbell

  3. Dear 3A,
    Those are some great wonderings.
    My wondering is how old is the William Buckly bridge?
    Do you know the answer?
    From Lily

  4. Dear Lily,
    I would tell you but do you mean the old one or the one we have now? If it’s the one won we have now
    i would say four years. The old won BOM!!! BOM!!! I DON’T KNOW nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    From Jasmine

  5. Dear 3A,

    I’m sorry if i was to crazy for you cause that if i was really saying that you would get anowed just like my friends do.

  6. Dear Mrs Kebbell,
    When we were split up for the loster pot.
    Mr Burdess showed a video of
    Barwon heads in the olden days
    From gracie

  7. Dear 3A,
    As you may of read my other wondering was there ever a volcano in Barwon Heads? well going on one
    exersion I figered out the anser there wsa a volcano in Barwon Heads. I hope you find your wonderings.
    From Jasmine

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