13 thoughts on “Cross Country

  1. Dear Will,

    I came lower than you I was 2 lasted place but I don’t mind it’s not just a race though I don’t think so. But it’s fun as a race, exercise, trying hard
    But I think it’s mainly about having FUN!!!

    From Jasmine

  2. Dear Billy,

    I wasn’t in the race ether that means I came nothing. Wonder what you came? If you were racing Billy.

    From Archie.

  3. dear Will,
    I came 9th in cross country. I was really tired at the end of the race.
    My mum got me a ice chocolate with two scoops of ice cream.

  4. Hi 3A,
    Cross country was exciting and awesome!
    I swerved around the places and ended up 15th!
    My training boosted me, but it crashed or something?
    From Will!

  5. Dear 3A,
    I came 3rd out of girls.
    I had lot of fun running!
    What did you come? You are all really fast!
    please write back!
    from Pippi

  6. Dear 3A
    I came 1st out of the girls.
    but it does not matter what you come it is just to have some fun.
    I wonder what you came?
    I hope you had lots of fun like me, Please write back.
    From Tess

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